Malacca (also called Melaka in Bahasa Malaysia) is a wonderful city for nice daytime activities or for a stay of more than one day. There are quite a few hotels and hostels available, but there are also many homeowners who are willing to put their house in Malacca up for rent. The city has many beautiful attractions, all clearly representing the great history of the city. From Kuala Lumpur you can easily access Malacca by bus, taxi or rental car . Residents of the capital often travel to Malacca during weekends to have a good rest and to enjoy the delicious food which the city is famous for.
Opposite St. Francis Xavier's Church you will also find a large car park where you can park your car (secured) at the price of RM10. This is especially useful if you travel to Malacca by car. There are many trishaw drivers in the city, who will drive you trough the town for only a few ringgit. This used to be a fun means of transportation, but in the last few years it has gotten a little out of hand. The drivers started to install large sound systems onto their trishaws and now they drive through the streets of Malacca making a lot of noise. I cannot imagine that this is what UNESCO had in mind when they decided to make it a World Heritage Site. A ride from Porta de Santiago to Jonker Street for example will cost you RM10.

Standard Tour Package 

Mini Malaysia & ASEAN Culture Park 
Jonker Walk
Christ Church
A Famosa Fort
St Paul Hill
Sultane Palace Museum
Malacca River Cruise
Duck Boat TOUR
Taming Sari Tower

Price & Charges :
-All charges are include toll, fuel, gas & parking
-Charges quote for 1 taxi that can fit 4 people
-Charges quote for travelling during day time

Budget Mpv exora : Rm 600
Premier Mpv : RM 650

Total 10 hour
-Entrance fees for any park below are not included
-Food & Drinks are not included
-If u exceed the time given and require additional hour, you will be charge RM50 for every hour and part there of.


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